Ebara Pumps Malaysia Facilities

Ebara Pumps Malaysia Sdn Bhd (EPM) offers a comprehensive line of pumps and pumping system, including Standard, Custom, Engineered and API process pumps. Satisfying customers with good pumping solutions are the ultimate goal in EPM. Therefore, products and services offered are of utmost sincerity in the means of realizing this goal.

EPM serves as one of the EBARA Worldwide Pump Service Centre to assist customers in replacing parts or complete pump/motor. Genuine parts are conveniently available. Holistic services come along with the quality products in Ebara Pumps Malaysia.

EPM provides training for customers in EBARA Training Centre to share knowledge of the latest technology and pump selection techniques. Our equipped testing facilities ensure top performance of EBARA products. EPM exceeds customer expectations by offering them value-added services along with quality products.

EPM encourages all employees to constantly upgrade themselves. Relevant product and skill trainings are consistently provided to enable its employees to keep abreast with the latest developments concerning their respected job scope. With this, performance of the staff will always stay competitive and up-to-date to offer better services to the customers.