EPM Core Values

Quality is our assurance

Ebara Pumps Malaysia Sdn Bhd (EPM) practices strict quality standards to satisfy customer needs with excellence. Reliable services can be trusted as continual improvement necessary to meet customer requirements are done to the Quality Management System as needed. With such commitment, EPM is accredited by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance with ISO9001:2015 certification.

Value adding is our business

EPM is always striving to offer more than expected. Exceptional customer service can be expected as customer service is of utmost importance to EPM. We make certain every EBARA product is of value and is capable to solve our customers' pumping problems with great efficiency. We are not merely selling pumping products; we are providing quality value-added water solutions.

Performance is our commitment

Product performance is a guarantee in EBARA as every product is manufactured with excellence. Products are tailored to meet market demand with the latest technology and innovation. With expertise of making good pumps since 1912, every EBARA product comes with guaranteed performance that satisfies customers at all times.

With EBARA's strong commitment towards quality, value and performance, products and services are guaranteed to satisfy even the toughest needs.

To my belief, customers are of utmost priority and customer needs should always be achieved with excellence. I trust EBARA in providing quality solutions to our customers.