Corporate History

Issey Hatakeyama was born in 1881 in Ishikawa Prefecture. He studied under Professor Ariya Inokuty, who was a world authority on volute pumps, at the College of Engineering, Tokyo Imperial University (the current University of Tokyo). Later, he established EBARA CORPORATION.
Dr. Ariya Inokuty, Professor of Tokyo Imperial University, was born in 1856. In 1905, he published the article "The Theory of Volute Pumps", in which he systematically discussed the mechanism of centrifugal pumps. His article was applauded around the world as "the standard for theory on this kind of pump".
Receipt of an order for pumps of a record-breaking large-size from Tokyo City: Pumps manufactured on the basis of the theory and the technology EBARA received an order for pumps of a large volute type with a diameter of 1,140 mm, a record-high at the time. The pumps, each weighing over 20 tons, were painstakingly completed. The factory lacked crane facilities and was so small that full machining work was not possible there. Therefore, after the pumps were assembled and tested, the crew chiseled, filed, and drilled holes in them, all by hand and on the site. Currently, one of these pumps is placed on the premises of EBARA's head office as a monument.
Establishment of EBARA CORPORATION The Office changed its name to EBARA CORPORATION in pursuit of expanding its business to other products in addition to the Inokuty type pump. 1921 - Sales of EBARA's first centrifugal blower 1924 - Produced it's first axial-flow pump in Japan
Launched the domestic production of pumps for city water Making continuous efforts to promote the use of domestically-produced pumps, EBARA successfully proved that the performance of its pump was on a par with that of foreign products in a comparison conducted at the Yodobashi water treatment plant in Tokyo. It consequently launched domestic production of pumps for city water. 1930 - Produced it's first centrifugal chiller in Japan 1931 - Developed the first rapid filter for city water in Japan
EBARA Haneda plant was built in Haneda, Kamata-ku, Tokyo-shi during the year 1938
Start of a plan for expansion of small-size pumps business through standardization and mass production EBARA formulated a new strategy of mass production and sales of standard pumps, by standardizing the process for production and design of small-size pumps. The first standard pump was developed in 1956. Eventually, the product line was expanded to include multi-stage pumps and submersible pumps. 1961 - Sales of EBARA's first mechanical stoker type incinerator 1964 - Establishment of the Bangkok Office, EBARA's first overseas sales office after WWII and establishing a company for post-sale service
The setting up of EBARA Fujisawa plant Fujisawa plant, Japan was established in 1965 as Japanese first factory for mass production of standard pumps. Production of chillers also started in 1966. In 2008, the accumulated production volume of standard pumps reached over 15 million at the Fujisawa Plant, Japan.
Construction of the Sodegaura Plant The plant was established to manufacture large-size equipment, of which mainstay products included compressors and turbines. 1978 - Sales of Japan's largest pump 1984 - Establishment of Corporate Mark
Movement into a new industry reflecting the trends of the times: Launch of a new business project for the semiconductor industry Began to install cryogenic pumps, designed and manufactured by EBARA, to LNG bases in Japan.
The incorporation of EBARA Pumps Malaysia Sdn Bhd EBARA Pumps Malaysia S/B (EPM) established as subsidiary company of EBARA Corporation in 2001. EPM provides local market with a comprehensive line of quality EBARA pumps, chiller and pumping system tailored to meet customers' needs.
Strengthening of the supply system around the world: Shift from the Haneda Plant to the newly constructed Futtsu Plant (Chiba, Japan) Futtsu Plant began operation as the mother plant for EBARA's global pump production.
100th anniversary celebration Celebrating Ebara's 100th Anniversary on 30th March 2012.
EPM 15th anniversary celebration Ebara Pumps Malaysia Sdn Bhd marked its 15th year of success with EPM 15th anniversary celebration on 23rd January 2016. + View Photo Gallery Opening of EVPC new factory Ebara Vietnam Pump Company Ltd. officially established a new factory in Lai Cach Industrial Park, Cam Giang District, Hai Duong Province on 27th May 2016. This new factory is the largest pump manufacturer in South East Asia region.

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